Subuthi has evolved a Client-driven approach in providing the right application customized to the user’s requirements.


On-Site Development: The conventional and proven method of development for new software and Customization at the premises of the client which facilitates higher user interaction. In the On-Site Development scenario, Clients will have to set up development and production environment.


Off-Site Development: The development takes place at Subuthi’s Development centers in US. Though user interaction can be limited, this is more economical than onsite option, since it facilitates need-based allocation of resources to the project (resource loading will vary based on the requirement of each stage of the project). Client need not setup development environment.


Offshore Development: Software design takes place at Subuthi’s Development centers in US. Development activities are then shifted to Subuthi’s Offshore Development Center, located in India.


Depending on the need of the project and the client,  the delivery models can be flexible 

    On-site fully managed project
    Outsourced (Offsite, Offshore)
    Blended (Onsite, Offsite and Offshore)
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